Local Government
Local Government

The role and place of local government in New Zealand is a critical discussion that is currently taking place.  Local government has a crucial role to play in the delivery of services and is a significant owner and provider of infrastructure.  We assist a number of local authorities across their full range of functions and roles. This includes both the day-to-day operation of councils in their statutory and political environments, and high level strategic developments affecting local government as a whole.

Helen has previously worked in in-house roles with local authorities Oxford (UK) and South Auckland. Helen has a good understanding of the kinds of issues that can arise and extensive experience providing high quality, practical and timely advice on these matters.

Mike has advised local authorities on specialised issues, such as oil and gas, and he also chaired the Local Government Efficiency Taskforce in 2011-2012.

Specialist expertise
Environmental law
Local government decision making

Key lawyers
Helen Atkins
Mike Holm