Horticulture New Zealand
Horticulture New Zealand

Horticulture New Zealand advocates for growers throughout the country, protecting their interests and the natural resources on which they rely. In our work with Horticulture New Zealand we provide advice and assistance at all levels of the decision making process on crucial issues for New Zealand growers, including property rights, water access and water quality.

We are involved in assisting the organisation throughout the country including in relation to the significant Independent Panel plan review processes occurring in Auckland and Canterbury.  Together with the sector we have been involved in every significant water related decision in New Zealand (such as the Horizons One Plan, the Tukituki Catchment and the wider Hawke’s Bay issues, the various Canterbury Regional Water Management plans, Tasman plan changes, The Auckland Unitary Plan process).

Specialist expertise
Environmental law
Local government decision making

Key lawyers
Helen Atkins
Nicole Buxeda
Louise Ford